True Heart Expression


Thank you for visiting this site in which I offer my gifts of Spiritual Counseling, Expressive Art Therapy, Silk Art, poetry and my blog/writing on various topics as they arise.  It is such a tremendous opportunity to share with you what it is I am up to and how I am expressing my life here on planet earth. 

Each of us has the ability to create and express our True Heart in many many multitudes of ways - cooking a meal, planting a garden, writing a letter, photographing a special moment, painting, skiing, collage, sculpting, playing musical instruments, and on and on it goes.  This is the process of our lives unfolding, how we share and express our inner workings, how we internally focus and how our spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological evolution emerges and awakens within us.

Welcome to my site, I am Gail Isabelle Klein, and I am grateful to share with you some of my True Heart Expressions and to encourage you in the opening and deepening awareness of your own inner light and True Heart.

Joyous Greetings!


we are the one we seek

be your own guide